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Published on Wednesday, 27 August 2014 01:46
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Massage fusion

Anything but ordinary. A combination of multiple bodywork techniques, hot and cold applications, essential oils and personal consultation provides a highly individualized therapeutic massage experience. The holistic approach to your body and mind is rooted in Swedish massage and integrates techniques such as Hot Stone, and Lymphatic massage, as well as Amber LED light therapy which is FDA approved for aiding with pain.


30 Min. $30.00 60 min. $50.00 90 min. $75.00


the eleMENts of hot stones


Hot basalt stones soaked in Himala- yan mineral salt water which act as an extension of the therapist’s hands to relax tense muscles. When placed on specific areas such as meridian points, chakras and areas of chronic stress, hot stones directly relax muscles, allowing manipulation of a greater intensity then massage alone.


90 Min. $80.00


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